Langley March 27th

A ferry ride home at dusk from Langley this coming Friday will cap my week. Dusk has mystical qualities for me: pale long shadows, birds tweeting, chirping and cawing as they flock to their nests, sunlight slanting across lawns and up the sides of neighborhood houses, the soft light that layers the world in gentleness. Add being on a ferry with the engine vibrating everyone on the boat as it churns through the water with seagulls gliding overhead and my world is perfect!

On March 27, I am privileged to be invited over to the storytelling event Jill Johnson ( produces every month at The Commons Bookstore in Langley. Jill has mystical qualities of her own: writer, storyteller, actor, teacher, mentor, researcher, and that is only what I know about. Other performers that night will be Peter Lawlor and Heather Ogilvy.

Live performances are rewarding experiences for me in the personal interaction with the audience. I enjoy the eye contact, who’s into it and who’s nodding off, the sparkle and laugh when someone gets it, and the comments or questions people ask afterwards.

Join us for a fun evening.