With David Holt
With David Holt David Holt. Talking with David for 90 minutes this morning was a fabulous experience.
He shared about his musical journey, discovering storytelling, selecting stories, his Grammy awards, his musical and storytelling mentors, some of his public television work as well his upcoming January, 2015 PBS show, State of Music. He played the mouth-bow, bones, banjo, harmonica and some slide guitar as well. His wisdom and generosity show through the entire show. (7/6/14)  Diane Ferlatte will be joined me shortly to tell stories, talk about stories, and whatever else comes into her mind. Her expertise with Multi-cultural stories, with an emphasis on the African-American experience has put her in demand around the world She is amazing with her candor and authenticity. She is one of the featured tellers at the upcoming Powellswood Festival July 18 – 19 in Federal Way (6/29/14)  Jay O’Callahan, storytelling legend. He has been a pillar in the storytelling world for 25 years. His innovative personal tales, teaching, recordings and books have enhanced the storytelling as a performance art movement.  He has been commissioned by the Olympic Committee and NASA. He will be at the International Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles 10/17 – 19, 2014. (9/28/14)  Michael Parent, renowned storyteller, musician, and part rabble-rouser. Michael’s Franco-American heritage and humor brings spice and down-to-earth facets to his performances. He’ll touch your heart and your funnybone. He writes, performs one-man shows, and is generally amazing.  Winner of many awards including the Parents’ Choice Magazine Gold award and the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence award. (11/23/14)  Kim Weitcamp, popular storyteller, songwriter, musician.
She is heard regularly on NPR and Sirius Radio. She tickles your funny bone, reminds you of your childhood escapades, and warms your heart as you sigh, “Aaaah.” She teaches workshops, performs in schools and national Festivals, and is a sought after speaker. What a time we will have! (12/28/14)   Charlotte Blake Alston is a master storyteller, teacher, singer, and musician. She breathes life into traditional and contemporary stories from Africa. She plays a variety of instruments including the mbira and kora. She has performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall. Her storytelling performances have taken her around the world to festivals, schools, inaugural events, dance companies, and the PBS. She is a regular performer at the Timpanogos Festival, a premier festival in the U.S.  (1/18/15)  Patrick Ball, internationally known harpist and storyteller. As a young man when his life’s journey changed suddenly, Patrick made his way to Ireland, where he was captivated with the eloquence and fire of the Irish oral tradition. There, too, he fell in love with the Celtic harp. Lucky for the rest of us! Patrick tours extensively, solo and with other artists, has written & performed theatrical pieces, made at least a dozen CD’s, and been awarded grants as well as the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Association.  (2/15/15)


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