www.roberdugoni.com   Robert Dugoni, NYT best-selling author, lawyer, and teacher. Bob is a master storyteller. Drawing on his career as an attorney, his savvy, and his ability to craft characters readers care about, he weaves a story with twists, turns, and surprises, compelling readers to turn the page. Cyanide Canary, his first book, was a remarkable non-fiction novel co-written with EPA agent, Joseph Hilldorfer. His newest book, My Sister’s Grave, was released October 14, and debuted #4 in the U.K. and #1 on Amazon downloads. (10/12/14)


www.jamespblaylock.com  James Blaylock, steam punk legend, author and professor. Jim, K.W. Jeter, and Tim Powers created and named the ‘steampunk’ genre, which has since become its own culture.  Award-winning author of 30 books, his 2014 novel is The Adventure of the Ring of Stones. Noted for his sense of humor and descriptive style, Jim is a creative story crafter, researcher par excellence, and developer of characters, and that is just for openers! He cites Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Arthur Conan Doyle as some of his important influences. He has collaborated many a time with Tim Powers, another award-winning author. (11/2/14)


www.nicolagriffith.com Nicola Griffith, award-winning author. My goodness, can she tell a story. Her versatility covers a broad spectrum from science fiction to crime drama. To answer the question “Who would do that?” about the character, Aud Torvingen, Nicola wrote three novels.  Her 2013 novel, Hild, is a captivating, lushly told story set in 7th century Britain.  She is currently working on the second novel about Hild, a real woman from that time.  (12/14/14)

www.marybuckham.com  Mary Buckham, best-selling author, as well as a respected and popular writing teacher. Writers Digest has picked up her Active Writing series. She is traveling across the country next year teaching Power Plotting Workshops, she’s also published a dozen fiction novels. A treasure trove of wisdom and encouragement. (1/4/15)

www.williamdietrich.com  William Dietrich, award-winning novelist. Such a storyteller, non-fiction writer, and college professor. His historical novels and thrillers have made all kinds of best-seller lists. The Final Forest, a gathering of history and perspective on logging, ancient forests, and the Olympic Peninsula is not only excellent journalism but eloquent writing. His Ethan Gage series, set in the Napoleonic wars, has been sold in 28 languages! This will be a lively show —  (2/1/15)


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www.meganchance.com  Megan Chance            (3/1/15)
www.bernadettepajer.com  Bernadette Pajer
www.ericabauermeister.com  Erica Bauermeister
www.traceywilen.com Tracey Wilen, Ph.D.
www.septembertotems.com Robin LaDue

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