2017 Storytelling Expo
Being a featured performer at the Far West conference, I’m liking this.
Just what is Far West? It is one of the five regions of Folk Alliance International, celebrating, honoring, & enjoying folk music. And of course, what are so many songs but stories set to music. It is acoustic (rather than electric) music. In recent years, Far West has added a Storytelling Expo. They hold their annual conferences two years in the same location, then move elsewhere in the region. For the next two years, the conference will be in Woodland Hills, California.
This year’s Expo has 9 performers, of which I am honored to be in their company. Curated by Mary Anne Moorman, this is a collaboration of several entities, including the Seattle Storytelling Guild. Sunday October 8 @ 2 p.m. Hyatt Regency, 900 Bellevue Way, 98004, in the Evergreen A room. Tickets are $10, I think.
Free parking on Sunday!

Then on October 21, over in Port Angeles, I will be an opening performer for one of the featured tellers, Reverend Robert Jones at the Forest Storytelling Festival. Other world class tellers will be Elizabeth Ellis (one of my mentors), Antonio Rochas, Jennifer Ferris, and Alton Chung. It’s held on the Peninsula College campus Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

It just gets better: on Halloween, I will be telling ghost stories from Japan, China, Brazil, and the U.S. as a guest on KSER’s ‘Nightfall’ program. Hosted by Jessica Phipps, on Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m., ‘Nightfall’ brings you a mix of contemplative instrumentals and vocals, electronic, folk, classical, & ambient rock music designed to help you ease stress and relax.
So for Halloween, Jessica and I have a great show in store for you~ Join us live online at and/or 90.7FM (you’ll be able to hear the show in the KSER archives for two weeks after original broadcast. Yup, you can listen a zillion more times!)