House concert and Life~

Amazing woman … and amazing how life takes over. Sheri Roberts-Greimes will be gifting us with a concert Sunday May 7 @ 4 p.m. at the home of Rick & Lynda Condon. Let me know if you’d like to reserve a seat! Sheri was named Blues Vocalist of 2017 by the Washington Blues Society! She has a set of pipes that don’t quit and a soul to match. Join us, it’s gonna be great.

The life taking over part, I always have plans. Oh yes, I do. Then the electrician shows up early, the student can’t make their lesson, the CD needs to be redone, the photographer didn’t bring all their equipment so we need to reschedule, the Board meeting is scheduled for the same time as the contractor is coming, my internet server goes down, and the battery on my smoke alarm is getting low and won’t quit beeping.

Ah, then my son calls, my friend of 40 years, Deanna, calls and wants to meet after I finish on the radio Wednesday, avocados are on sale this week, and a chickadee lands on my porch and chirps.

Indeed, life takes over. Thank goodness.

See you Sunday!!